Our Scholarships

Partners Through Education has offered a wide range of scholarships and grants to benefit underprivileged students. PTE currently offers the Partners Through Education “Transform” Scholarship that aims to allow students to fulfill their aspirations for higher education without the stressful financial burden that comes with attending college. PTE is proud to give our recipients the ability to freely pursue their education financially as well as the various educational programs implemented by PTE.

Partners Through Education continues to search for students in need of financial grants and potential award winners. If you are apart of an organization reaching for the same goal, please let us know and we can work together to help a great number of students. If you are a student looking to receive financial support or possibly one of our awards, please let us know and we at PTE will see what we can do.


College in the United States bears the most expensive educational tuition on average in the world, and these numbers are just getting larger and larger. This fact is becoming a grieving task for many families, as the average 4-year bachelor’s degree is costing families and students nearly $35,000, not accounting for international and out-of-state students. This high price tag is drastically over what most families can afford, especially if they have multiple children attending college. As a result of this, only 1 in 10 students from low-income families receives a bachelor’s degree, let alone a higher one. Because of the high financial incentive, the other 9 low-income students on average are still accepted to college with adequate GPAs (grade-point averages) and standardized test scores but are unable to attend. Your donation, no matter how big or small will go to a student in need who is struggling to pay for basic educational needs. Helping aspiring students has always been our goal, and we need you to make that happen. 

The Partners Through Education “Transform” Scholarship

Yousef Fotovat

Yousef moved from Iran to the United States when he was a Sophomore, with only basic English skills.  Because of this, he performed poorly in school. He soon realized that in order to be successful in life, he would have to push himself to overcome the language struggle and do well in school.  He did just that and after the first year of school in the United States, he was proficient enough at English so that it was no longer a barrier, and was able to unlock his full potential as a student.  Now, having graduated from Calabasas High School as part of the class of 2018, he will attend Pierce College in the fall of 2018. Yousef hopes to study business after transferring from Pierce to a University and have a successful career in the field.

Suraj Srivats

Suraj hails from a middle-class family of Asian immigrants, which doesn’t seem like a very unique background.  It really isn’t. But unlike others of the same demographic who focus mostly on themselves, Suraj has dedicated much of his time and effort to benefit those who deserve it the most, the elderly. What started as a passion for music turned into a desire to share it with those who would appreciate it more, so he started the club “A Harmonic Remedy,” focused on providing musical therapy to the elderly as a form of comfort.  Soon, as the club grew, it turned into a registered non-profit with branches at multiple schools. Suraj was accepted into Dartmouth College and will be a part of the class of 2022.

Mackenzie Eddy

Homeschooled all her life until 9th grade, Mackenzie started her freshman year with enough troubles on her plate already, but when her dad lost his job, that was the final nail in the coffin.  Her grades fell and her stress levels shot up, but instead of falling apart, she used this experience to mature and become stronger. Using this newfound strength, she was able to bring her grades up and become a successful student and person overall, with greatly improved time management skills.  Mackenzie will attend the Illinois Institute of Technology in the fall of 2018 to study physics, which is just another challenge she can take advantage of to improve herself.

If you would like to apply to be a Partners Through Education “Transform” scholar please complete our application and email it to us at